Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cristoph Homeier (GER 551)

Name: Christoph Homeier
Nickname: Chris
Sail No: GER 551
Boat name: Buzz Schroeder
Country: Germany
Sailing Club: TSV Schilksee
Weight: 82 kg
Height: 187 cm
Age: 24

Number of years sailing (and on what)? 14 years

Number of years sailing the contender? 8 or 9 years

Why did you get on the Contender? In my opinion it's the best single handed boat

Number of Worlds? Many

Favourite Worlds Moment? There are always great moments!

Favourite Food?

How do you keep in shape? Sailing, running, swimming, gym

Stupidest thing you've done on the boat? seeing the pumping flag twice a day and continuing the second race so that I got a DNE...

Goals for the 2008 Worlds? having fun and giving my best

What you'd like to do/see at the 2008 Worlds? meet lots of good sailors and friends and a good race committee

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