Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Marco Versari (ITA 99)

Name: Marco Versari
Sail No: ITA 99
Boat name: Daughter (Pearl Jam's song)
Country: Italy
Sailing Club: Circolo Nautico Bersaglio
Weight: 75 Kg
Height: 177 cm
Age: 26 (30/01/1982)

Number of years sailing (and on what)? 15 years sailing, but 13 racing. I learnt sailing in Optimist, Flying Junior and L'èquipe. I started racing L'èquipe, after which 420, and 470 since 18 years old. Since 2003 I'm sailing Contender. In 2005/2006 I sailed for 365 days 49er as a crew. I spent other days sailing IMS during a World Championship in Capri (Italy) and racing in other big boats, but I like much more dinghy than keel boat! Moreover I sailed, just cruising, in several sites in Mediterrean Sea and once in English Channel.

Number of years sailing the contender? This is the 6th.

Why did you get on the Contender? Before sailing Contender, I ever sailed racing at least in 2 people and almost with the same crew, so was a new step of my sailing growth and I chose Contender because I though was a very nice boat to sail...and it is!

Number of Worlds? Last 4.

Favourite Worlds Moment? Never thought about that...I think I had very nice moment in each one, but the nicest was the last.

Favourite Food? Is this a question? Italian, for sure,to be more accurate, my favorite restaurant is “Chez Adriana”.

How do you keep in shape? Sailing, running, doing exercices and brain training.

Stupidest thing you've done on the boat? Probably many...but all the days trying doing less.

Goals for the 2008 Worlds? Top 5.

What you'd like to do/see at the 2008 Worlds? Sail well and simple, even learning something.

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