Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Roger Martin (CAN 2399)

Name: Roger Martin
Nickname: (the most recent, bestowed by F. Whittington: “dodger”)
Sail No: CAN 2399
Country: Canada
Sailing Club: Outer Harbour Centreboard Club
Weight: 190 (I’ll be 180 at the Worlds!)
Height: 5’ 10”
Age: 52

Number of years sailing (and on what)? 52 (although I spent 25 of it sailing very little. Parents' keelboats, Albacores, 505s, 420s, Lasers, Contenders)

Number of years sailing the contender? 2

Why did you get on the Contender? Good group of guys [the dictator: and a girl!]. Very fun and demanding boat. Singlehander.

Number of Worlds? 1 so far

Favourite Worlds Moment? Finally receiving my new boat the morning of the first race, closely followed by finishing 4th in the Silver fleet in the last race.

Favourite Food? Dunno, but it isn’t good for me.

How do you keep in shape? Running, some strength training.

Stupidest thing you've done on a boat? Pulled the starting cord on an outboard motor while a priest was holding the spark plug lead (he almost blasphemed), closely followed by attempting to hold onto the spinnaker sheet on a large keelboat while it smoked through my hands. I could go on.

Goals for the 2008 Worlds? Top half.

What you'd like to do/see at the 2008 Worlds? Steph complete every race. [the dictator: light wind here we come!]

Any other comments? Come to Kingston!

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