Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fort Henry Sunset Ceremony (August 20)

Dear Competitors:

We know many of you are coming from a long way away to compete in the 2008 Worlds, and so we're hoping to make this trip as memorable as possible. So, not only are we promising great racing, but we've lined up some fantastic social events to take place each day after racing.

One of the highlights will be a dinner and show at Fort Henry. The original Fort was built during the War of 1812 when the Brits felt Canada was still worth defending from the Americans. The Fort which now stands was the second one erected to keep the Yankees at bay.

After our second day of racing, we'll all make our way down to Fort Henry where we will be treated to a dinner and then a show:

"The Fort Henry Guard Drums, Drill Squad and Artillery Detachment present an hour and a half interpretive story of 1860s military music, precision drill and big-bang artillery maneuvers, including a mock battle! The show ends with a spectacular fireworks finale!"

It will no doubt be a great night for all!

(*photos poached from the Fort Henry web site)

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