Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Shirts

Hi all:

Your ICA chairman, Neil Smith, went to great lengths to make sure that we will be the sexiest looking fleet in Kingston this year, and if you want your friends and family to look good too, you can order additional 2008 Velocitek Contender Worlds shirts when you register for the Worlds (or email me after registration). The shirts are Dryshirts, and are pictured below.

The DRYSHIRT™ is the ideal piece of gear to help protect you from the sun and keep you warm on days when conditions are chilly either from warm water being rapidly evaporated from your skin by wind or when the water is cold and the air may be damp. Water droplets in the air are repelled by surface tension and fluorocarbon impregnated fibers while sweat can migrate through to keep you dry and comfortable even during strenuous activities.
The benefits broken down:
UPF 50+ sun protection for the ultimate in coverage
Water repellent and breathable keeps you thermo regulated and dry
100% nylon is super soft and comfortable against your skin
Excellent outer layer but also excellent base layer
Even when fully immersed it dries in minutes once out of the water
Cross sport use includes:
Water sports in and out of the water like
Kit Boarding & Windsurfing

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