Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The ultimate souvenirs

As some of you may already know, we've got several boats coming from the UK that will be looking for a good home after the Worlds. They are:

1. An older Rondar for 1000 pounds (GBR 473) - can include a carbon boom and sail brand new. See pics at:

2. A Ridge (GBR 621) for 2300 pounds with new sail and carbon boom (1800 with alloy and an older wavelength).

3. A Bonezzi for 3600 pounds - can supply the boat with options- an economy package includes a Goldspar aluminium mast with Superspar alloy boom, and 1 good sail. The top spec includes a current Cassidy rig (carbon slim spar and matching sail (which is proving rather quick-only needs a decent sailor!) and Superspar carbon boom. £3,600 in top trim, economy version around £3000.

We also have some older boats in Toronto for sale after the Worlds. If you're interested, contact me or Neil Smith ( And if you're in the area, we can certainly arrange for a ride.

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