Sunday, January 27, 2008

Algonquin Park

Nature porn!

As well as having some great cities, the province of Ontario is also famous for its fantastic parks, one of the most famous being Algonquin Park. If you love the outdoors, you have to make time to go see it. Algonquin is about four hours drive Northwest of Kingston, and is a lovely spot to camp, canoe, hike, pick berries, bicycle, swim in clean lakes, and see all sorts of wild animals, like moose, beavers, foxes, fish, and the wildest animals of all - other Canadians.

Unlike the typical Australian animal, this moose doesn't want to kill you.

If you aren't travelling with your camping gear, you can also rent some. Wikipedia has a great entry about Algonquin with more pictures.

You should also be aware that Algonquin books up pretty fast in the summer, so if you're interested, reserve something as soon as possible!

It's Mr. Canoehead!

Other useful links:

Algonquin Park Eco-Lodge (a great place to stay in the park)

Voyageur Quest (they'll arrange canoe trips and other excursions in the park for you)

Bartlett Lodge (an upscale place ($$$) to stay in the park)

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