Monday, January 21, 2008

Where to Stay in Kingston

Although a certain birdy (Gil Wooley) told me that it hasn't been unheard of to sleep in one's boat, I can't imagine it's comfortable - no matter how much progrip you've laid. I would think that's a shared sentiment, so I'm posting some suggestions for where to stay. As I've noted before, we're also working on large group accommodations through Queen's University, which should reduce costs (and enhance the fun - nothing like a bunch of smelly sailors under one roof! Contact me asap if this is what you want to do). If you want to book a place on your own, you may want to take into account the distance of your accommodation from the sailing area, known as the Portsmouth Olympic Harbour. My suggestion is to take the address of your hotel and map it against POH (53 Yonge St, Kingston, ON K7M 6G4). Since there are many of us driving from various areas around North America, it shouldn't be a problem arranging for shared transportation. You can also try the Kingston bus system, or rent a bike for the most scenic way to get around.

General listing of places to stay (from the Tourism Kingston site):

Bed and Breakfasts

Hotels, Motels and Resorts

Camping and Cottage Rentals

KOA Campgrounds

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